Small Business Valuation Resources

We have compiled links to resources on business valuation and planning a business sale or purchase that you may find useful. Check back often, as we update this section regularly with new and valuable items.

Getting Professional Help

If you need professional help with your business valuation, consider consulting a skilled appraiser. One resource is the members of the American Society of Appraisers (ASA).

Find an ASA appraiser

You may also wish to ask your accountant or attorney for a suitable referral.

Professional business appraisal organizations

There are a number of professional business appraisal organizations that train and certify their members in business valuation.

Business valuation standards bodies

These organizations are involved in developing and publishing professional business valuation standards.

Business valuation standards

Standards governing the development and reporting of professionally performed business valuations.

Industry and business type classification

Widely accepted industry classification systems to identify the type of any business or professional practice. Essential if you plan to value your business using the market comparisons.

Business valuation and risk assessment data

There are excellent business valuation risk assessment data sources available on the market. You will find these resources essential for valuing a business or professional practice.

  • A wide range of investor information, market analysis tools and services

Business broker associations

Many business brokers maintain on-line presence and often provide description of their services, geographic scope and current business for sale listings.

Small business financing

Check out the SBA website to review the SBA loan programs used for financing a business purchase and other needs. Search the list of SBA lenders in your area.

Resources for business appraisers, owners and buyers

You will find the following services very useful for business valuation, business buying or selling process: when doing your market analysis, industry research, and due diligence.

  • Economic analysis, industry statistics data and forecasting information.
  • Business merger and acquisition activity filings in EDGAR database maintained by the US Securities and Exchange Commission. Includes data on acquisitions of private firms by public companies.

Government resources

Major national government websites that collect and distribute key economic and demographic data.