Software Upgrade Policy

This Policy outlines how we make Software Version Upgrades available to our Customers.

ValuAdder software product upgrades

As market conditions change, key valuation parameters, including the cost of capital data and valuation multiples, are subject to change. We collect, compile, and analyze such market data and incorporate this information into subsequent Software Version Upgrades.

In addition, our Upgrades may contain new features, new platform and technology support, new operating system support and data security enhancements.

A new Software release typically is self-contained and requires a new installation.

What constitutes a Software Version Upgrade

A Software Version Upgrade is a subsequent release of licensed software we make commercially available to our eligible Customers. Eligible Customers are generally those who have purchased the prior versions of the Software within the last 5 years.

Customer notification of upgrade availability

We will notify eligible Customers of the availability of the new release via email message communication and/or on our website at This notification will be sent on or about the General Availability date of the new version. Eligible Customers will be notified by email using the most current email information provided to us by the Customer as part of the purchasing record of the prior version.

Customers may also be notified via in-application notices in addition to emails or on-website notices.

Terms and conditions

In our communications about the new Software Version Upgrades, we specify the commercial terms and conditions under which the eligible Customers can obtain their Upgrades. These terms and conditions are detailed in the email messages sent to the Customers and/or on our website at

Software edition replacement

Once the new Software Version is made generally available, it becomes the currently supported version of the Software which supersedes the prior versions.

Haleo Corporation reserves the right to amend this Policy from time to time and will post updates on our website at: