Business Valuation Guide

Buying a Business

Congratulations! You have embarked upon the exciting journey toward buying a small business. Whether you are a first time buyer or a seasoned business owner looking to grow through acquisition, buying a well-run established business offers you several key advantages over a startup:

Business buying is an exciting and complex process. A successful business purchase requires that you cover a number of key steps:

Success at every step demands that you address a number of organizational, financial and legal issues. There is a host of business buying concepts and language to master as you interact with various people.

Business owners, brokers, CPAs, attorneys, landlords, vendors, employees, and customers all expect you to be prepared and know what to do.

To deal with the challenges and people effectively, you need knowledge plus capable business valuation, negotiating, and deal structuring tools.

ValuAdder offers you a set of proven tools and techniques that help at every step of the business buying process.

You can use ValuAdder to resolve key business buying challenges with precision and confidence: from accelerating and simplifying your business search, to doing effective and thorough research, determining the business value, communicating effectively, then structuring and negotiating the terms of a successful deal.