Business Valuation Guide

Searching for the Right Business to Buy

Finding the right business is the most time consuming part of business buying. Many buyers spend over 18 months looking for a business to buy. Given the effort, your ability to focus your search early and quickly spot promising acquisition targets is key to success. Some challenges you face at this step:

As you review business-for-sale listings and offering profiles, use the Deal Check and business valuation Market Comps calculations to quickly pre-qualify your targets.

ValuAdder offers you Market Comps across the most common business types. All Comps are based on careful analysis of actual private company sale transaction data, and give you the range of selling prices other buyers have paid for your type of business.

You can use the Deal Check calculation in ValuAdder to quickly construct a viable acquisition proposal scenario, using the data from typical business-for-sale ads, such as revenue, cash flow, down payment, and seller financing terms. Working with ValuAdder, you can decide within minutes if the business is reasonably priced and has sufficient cash flow to warrant further investigation.